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messes we don't mind

messes we don't mind
kaisoo (jongin/kyungsoo).
romance. fluff.

Jongin and Kyungsoo do mindless things together, such as dancing in the darkness, singing at the top of their lungs, and falling in love.

a/n: this is seriously just fluff. random pieces of fluff. there is no conflict whatsoever except maybe their intelligence. much love to littleprincecap for reading this over for me ^^

Jongin and Kyungsoo are best friends minus the 'best' part because Jongin is too touchy-feely with everyone he meets and Kyungsoo is too insecure to allow himself to grow that close to anyone.

Still, Kyungsoo is the one that Jongin has on speed dial whenever he needs anything, and Jongin is the one who shows up with old horror movies and soda at Kyungsoo's house after they've both failed a test they were both too lazy to study for.

Together, they're living messes.

Kyungsoo wishes he had brought a helmet, because he's sure this isn't safe. He has one hand on the handlebar and the other clinging to Jongin's hand because the younger thought it'd be fun to bike around holding hands.

The park is almost empty, most kids inside their homes, eating dinner and doing other normal things that Jongin finds too boring to follow. The sun is setting in the background, and Kyungsoo thinks it's like a cheesy scene out of some bad teenager romance novel.

"Look, a swing set!" Jongin says, speeding up. Kyungsoo almost lets out a yelp, because it is a terrifying thing to be dragged by someone else's bike when you're on your own bike.

Jongin barely gives Kyungsoo enough time to put his bike's stand down before he drags him over to the swings and pushes him into one. Kyungsoo doesn't say anything as Jongin pushes him higher and higher, talking about how they should go watch a movie the next day and sneak in some snacks because movie theater prices are ridiculous.

At the top, Jongin stops pushing, walking over to the side and yelling, "Jump! Jump!"

Kyungsoo is afraid, the wind even harsher from this height, but he sees Jongin waiting for him at the side, smiling brightly, all teeth and lips. He takes in a deep breath, tightening his grip on the chains before letting go entirely.

He was falling, falling, falling -

But Jongin pulls him back up into his arms before he can get hurt. It's too warm and sweaty but it's oddly comforting so he lets himself stay there for just a moment longer, ignoring his rapid heartbeat.

When Jongin shows up at Kyungsoo's house, a black, box-like thing in one arm and a mic in the other, Kyungsoo doesn't even have to ask. He just steps aside and watches as Jongin sets up the box to the TV, sitting on the couch quietly as he flips through the book.

"What song are we singing?" Kyungsoo asks when Jongin falls beside him.

"Let's do some old, cheesy song from the nineties," Jongin says, grinning as he turns to hand the mic to Kyungsoo.

Usually, Kyungsoo would protest, because he really doesn't like any of those songs, yet he finds himself belting his heart out after Jongin chose Savage Garden's "Truly, Madly, Deeply," ignoring the snickering of said boy as he does.

Besides, he gets his payback when he forces Jongin to sing Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On."


Kyungsoo blinks, looking up. "Did you just take a picture of me?" he asks, still confused as to what just happened.

"Yes," Jongin replies, smiling as he looks at the picture on his phone.

"Why?" Kyungsoo asks incredulously. "I'm eating."

But Jongin just stuffs another forkful of kimchi spaghetti into his mouth, chewing loudly as he continues snapping more pictures.

Later that day, after Jongin's gone home with a container full of spaghetti for later, Kyungsoo gets a text with his photo and the caption, "You look cute with your cheeks full of spaghetti."

There's muffled voices and sounds of wrappers crinkling in the back of an almost empty theater. There's a children's movie - some cartoon with talking animals - playing on the screen- and two  young men in the audience find this more amusing than any of the other kids in that theater.

Jongin reaches over to get some popcorn, and Kyungsoo thinks he's reaching for the candy instead, so he moves to hand him the box. They bump hands, spilling both of the foods all over the floor.

They stare at each other.

Then burst out laughing.

(Right when one of the older animal characters dies.)

A letter shows up in Kyungsoo's mailbox, and he's not sure where it's from because there's no return address. When he opens it up as he eats his breakfast, a stupid smile breaks out across his lips.


I was watching a drama last night where a couple wrote letters to each other everyday, and I wanted to write you a letter because I felt like it.



Kyungsoo laughs at how stupid this is, because they live right across from each other, as he takes out a sheet of paper and a pen.


We're not a couple, so I don't know why I'm replying, but then again I don't know what I'm ever doing with you.

He stares at it for a moment, sighs, then crosses it all out and starts all over again.


What drama is it? Why didn't you watch it with me?!

And, after a little hesitation, he ends it with.


There's a knock at the door, and Jongin wonders who it is because no one ever comes to the practice rooms that late.

Somehow, he isn't surprised when Kyungsoo peeks his head in and smiles. "I brought snacks," he says quietly, entering and closing the door softly behind him.

Jongin doesn't ask how Kyungsoo knew he was practicing, because Kyungsoo just knows everything without being told.

The lights are off because it's hot and Jongin likes the darkness better anyway. The air is uncomfortably thick with perspiration, but Kyungsoo doesn't seem to mind. He just sets the food by the door, sitting down and preparing it.

Jongin walks over and pulls him up by the arms. He can feel Kyungsoo's confusion, but he plans to lose it to the music.

Kyungsoo is clumsy at first, but with Jongin's lead, he finds the right steps.

They're sitting on opposite sides of the lunch table, their friends chatting away, but they're both on their phones, sharing small, secret smiles as they text.

Jongin > Kyungsoo
sehun doesnt even realize I stole his crackers

Kyungsoo > Jongin
of course he doesn't. he's too busy flirting with luhan.

Jongin > Kyungsoo
you should come sit by me. I'm lonely T.T

Kyungsoo > Jongin
we're talking right now

Jongin > Kyungsoo
I like having you beside me :)

Kyungsoo is glad they're not beside each other, so Jongin can't see his blush.

Jongin > Kyungsoo

Kyungsoo > Jongin

Jongin > Kyungsoo
you're cute when you blush ;)

Kyungsoo almost chokes on his milk.

Kyungsoo ignores Jongin's grumbling about how tents are the most frustrating inventions ever created by mankind as he sets up their small fire.

"You know, this was your idea," he reminds the younger, taking a gulp of their water from the canteen. He hands it to Jongin, who chugs the rest of it before handing it back to Kyungsoo.

"I didn't think it'd be this hard. The movies made it so fun," Jongin sighs, running a hand through his hair and reading through the instruction for the nth time.

"Yeah, but it's a movie," Kyungsoo says, rolling his eyes. "They jump off of buildings in them, too. You want to try that?" He pauses, then immediately says, "We won't be trying that."

"Aw, but it could be fun. We might survive," Jongin teases, chuckling as Kyungsoo scoffs.

"Just hurry up and set up the tent. It's getting cold. Seriously, couldn't we have waited until a warmer night to camp out?" Kyungsoo complains, crossing his arms.

Jongin leans over and rubs Kyungsoo's arm to warm him up. "Maybe if you'd help, this would go faster," Jongin says.

Kyungsoo rolls his eyes. "If you don't have this tent up in ten minutes, I'm going back inside."

Jongin pouts. "That's no fun, Kyungsoo."

But he's not listening as he packs up his bag and moves from the backyard back into the house, leaving Jongin sitting in the middle of the still not set up tent.

The next morning, Kyungsoo wakes up with Jongin in his bed, arms around his waist and snoring lightly. He smells of grass and dirt, but Kyungsoo doesn't have the heart to kick him off.

"What are you doing," Kyungsoo deadpans.

"I always wondered what I'd look like with lip gloss on," Jongin admits as he plays with his older sister's make-up. "I mean, my lips are perfect. So imagine them shiny -"


"What? Why not?" Jongin demands. "It'll only be for a minute, then I'll take it off."

"I let you do a lot of stupid stuff, Jongin, but I will not let you wear lip gloss, now give me - what is on your cheek?"

"Blush. Not my shade?"

Kyungsoo facepalms.

Kyungsoo's breathing is slow and shallow. It's quiet, too quiet. He wants to peek out, but he knows better than that. He sits there, unmoving, waiting for any sound.


He almost faints from the shock. The sound is close. As silently as he can, he sticks his head out for any sign of movement. When he thinks the coast is clear, he sticks a leg out to stretch.

A hand grabs his foot.

"Ah!" Kyungsoo screams, eyes wide as Jongin crawls out from under the bed, clutching his stomach as he laughs.

"Found you!"

"Of course," Kyungsoo mumbles, moving out of the closet to sit beside Jongin on the floor. "We've played hide-and-seek so many times, we know all of the good hiding spots."

"It's still fun to scare you everytime I find you, though," he says, grinning cheekily.

"I fail to see the fun in that," Kyungsoo replies with a small pout.

Jongin shrugs. "Anything involving you is fun."

The two of them crash at Kyungsoo's house at the end of a long day.

"Ah, what else can we do?" Jongin asks, leaning back in the couch with his arms behind his head. "I feel like we've done everything this boring town offers."

Kyungsoo bites his bottom lip softly, hesitant as he slowly replies in a low murmur, "Let's fall in love."

His heart almost stops when he hears the response. "I thought we've been doing that all along."

Jongin and Kyungsoo are best friends minus the 'best' part because its been replaced with 'boy' and sloppy kisses. Jongin is still too touchy-feely, but Kyungsoo is no longer insecure because he sees the glint in Jongin's eye that's only there when they're together, fingers interlaced.

Because Kyungsoo is the one that Jongin has on speed dial whenever he needs anything - be that a hug or notes - and Jongin is the one who shows up with old horror movies and soda at Kyungsoo's house after they've both failed a test they didn't study for, wasting their time falling in love all over again instead.

Together, they're living messes (but at least they're together).

"What do you two even do together?" a friend asks after a long break.

Kyungsoo glances over at Jongin, who grins slyly.


Tags: fandom: exo, genre: fluff, genre: romance, length: oneshot, pairing: kai/kyungsoo
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